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Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes – Независимый московский коллектив, работающий с современными формами театральной активности, создающий уникальный do-it-yourself театр
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Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes

Moscow-based theatre company staging large scale site-specific promenade productions
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Dvorets Molodezhi

Dvorets Molodezhi (Palace of Youth) is a homage to perestroika underground and counter-culture, rebelling against the outdated system, boredom and mediocrity.


Award-winning participatory show, set on several floors of a 4th floor building, touching complex historical and moral issues of USSR culture heritage. Each show’s tickets were sold on the day of release. Nominated for Golden Mask – the Russian major theatrical award.

The Second Vision

Experimental promenade inspired by Russian avant-garde artists Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, set in long corridors of XVII century building in the centre of Moscow.

Cops on Fire

8 years hit of a Moscow theatre scene, hip-hopers, a musical detective about cops on a mission, inspired by street culture. Hip-hop replacing drama, lyrics replacing dialogue, opening theatre to new audiences.


Large scale dynamic promenade set in a huge park of forgotten monuments in central Moscow, exploring Soviet past and future through retrospective of Russian literature.


An experimental show staged on independent TV channel Dozhd, combining theatrical and television aesthetics