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About us – Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes
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About us

What is promenade theatre?

Promenade theatre is an innovative experimental format of interaction between theatre and audience. In promenade there are no spectator seats, unified scene and universal narrative. Viewer’s experience and impressions can not be repeated and depend on personal choice: where and with whom to move, what to experience and what to participate in. Interactive show is organised in non-theatrical spaces with unique atmosphere and complex structure. A location is divided into zones with various scenography and lighting and actors shift along with viewers, therefore nobody gets standard and prepared experience.

We offer our audience to leave the comfort zone, sacrifice habitual concept about theatre and create the show together with us and actors. Thus promenade theatre turns into a live laboratory where we explore the verges of the possible — between theatre and reality, direction and viewers’ choice, space with its history and designed production.

How does Le Cirque de Charles les Tannes change cultural landscape?

Beside six theatrical productions on the main Moscow stages the group has participated in cultural events in the streets of other Russian and European cities since 2010. Our circus and theatrical festivals, city fests, marches and promenades turn theatre from a standard experience of a limited circle to an open, spontaneous and mass event, joyful for everybody regardless age, experience, tastes and income. We change city dynamics, form trends to follow and give possibilities for young artists to address to huge audience peer to peer in a vivid and unexpected form — contrary to traditional division between active artists and passive spectators.


Sasha Pas (Artistic director) +7 926 229 5530