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Dvorets Molodezhi – Le Cirque De Charles La Tannes
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Dvorets Molodezhi

Dvorets Molodezhi is a homage to perestroika underground and counter-culture in USSR, rebelling against the outdated system, boredom and mediocrity. We ourselves were just born or were kids in the late 80’s, and now from the distance of almost 30 years, we are telling a story about young heroes, their environment and challenges that people longing for freedom faced during the last years of the history of USSR.

Dvorets Molodezhi doesn’t canonize Soviet underground but creates own narrative inspired by fearless and creative citizens of Moscow of 1987. Our heroes are musician and composer Sergey Kuryokhin, musicians Letov brothers, rock icon Victor Tsoy and “Bravo” female vocalist Zhanna Aguzarova. And also less famous but not less interesting Moscow and Leningrad artists, punk bands, owners of first video salons, bandits, first millionaires and 24-hour party people. In the fictionаl story Dvorets Molodezhi  is the name of Moscow squat where inhabitants are into arts, cinema and music. Police and KGB send undercover agents who prepare a plan to capture the squat to expel the youngsters and to force the new bohemians to live common soviet lives.

Dvorets Molodezhi  is not a nostalgic show that reveals the past by the means of real objects and recognizable heroes. It’s our message about here and now, about permanent conflict between an artist and a state, about a bright flash of an idea in dull commonness. With this show we want to convey a feeling of unsteady freedom, drive of experiments and fear of the unknown, experienced by the perestroika generation. And we also want to present culture of the late USSR to those who are not yet familiar with it.


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